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Daing ha Sabab Di Hikatayma sin Dua’a lecture by Sheikh Benjadid Embay (Tausug)

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu, Watch with us and listen, LIVE Lecture at ISLAM TV Zamboanga, Nida-ul Islam Channel 50 at Sky Cable also Livestreaming via Internet at In the Progrm of MARKAZ ADDHIYA lecture by Sheikh Benjadid Embay, Chief of Committee in Da’wah for External Affairs of Markaz Addhiya with his topic tonight on “Daing ha Sabab Di Hikatayma sin Dua’a” with Sheikh Hayder Buddin, Dean of Student Affairs of Markaz Addhiya and Administrator of Nida-ul Islam Foundation and Sheikh Jackariya Mohammad, President of Nida-ul Islam Foundation and Faculty of Ma’had Moro Al-Islamiy. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more lecture videos from different Ulama here in Zamboanga City,


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