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Appeal To The Muslim Representatives In The House of Congress

By Abdulwakil Tanjilil

Greeting of peace! I’m Shiekh Abdulwakil S. Tanjilil, Deputy Mufti for Region 9 and Palawan.

I would like to express the sentiment of Muslim populace in Region 9…There are so many Muslim pilgrims who are having a hard time acquiring a Hajj passport, because of the policy of DFA ZAMBOANGA, policies exclusive only here in Zamboanga City.

Kahit mayrun na birth certificate (NSO) marriage contract (NSO), NBI CLEARANCE, POLICE CLEARANCE, BARANGAY CLEARANCE kung walang DIGITALIZED I.D. hindi nila i -process. At pag may ID naman hihingi pa sila ng ibang requirements. Under the law, a Muslim Pilgrim must not be given a hard time acquiring a HAJJ PASSPORT. HAJJ is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, and every Muslim who can afford it must perform HAJJ. Unfortunately because the DFA Zamboanga is giving us Muslim Pilgrims a hard time acquiring a Hajj Passport, Hajj has become almost impossible. This is a clear Discrimination of our Muslim rights. Our right to practice our religious observance.

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Who Are The Moro People?

By Jamail A. Kamlian

The Moro people comprise the 13 Islamized ethnolinguistic groups of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan. Along with the group known as Lumad in Mindanao, the Moros are an indigenous population that had been living on the islands long before

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The Experienced of a Non-Muslim Who Dressed Up Like a Muslim

By Angela Valbuena

Today, I did an experiment. I went to school and dressed up like a Muslim.

I asked Arjel to stay a couple steps behind me as I wandered around the campus wearing a pink scarf around my head and a dark blue cardigan. I ate and stayed a long while in the canteen, waited in line for the elevator, climbed a few flights of stairs, and walked around the halls. Of course, all while keeping my head down and not talking to

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First Battle of Bud Dajo

The First Battle of Bud Dajo, also known as the Battle of Mt. Dajo, was a counter insurgency action fought by the United States Army against native Moros in March 1906, during the Moro Rebellion phase of the Philippine–American War. While fighting was limited to ground action on Jolo Island in the Sulu Archipelago, use of naval gunfire contributed significantly to the overwhelming firepower brought to bear against the Muslim insurgents, who were mostly armed with melee weapons. The description of the engagement as a battle is disputed because of both the overwhelming firepower of the attackers and the lopsided casualties. The conflict, especially the final phase of the battle, is also known as the Moro Crater Massacre.

U.S. soldiers pose with Moro dead after the battle

During this battle, 790 men and officers

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List of Sultans of Sulu

House history

The political sovereignty of the Sultanate was dissolved in 1917. The traditional, cultural and proprietary authority remain. The descendants of the royal family are still recognized and honored as de facto royalty by the people in Sulu.

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Thank You, Sakur Tan

By Maria Clara de Hesus

Thank you, Abdusakur Tan for turning Sulu as the kidnapping capital of the world. Thank you for exposing your people to the horrors and trauma of day to day violence and insecurities. Since you have catapulted your family dynasty into power more than five years ago, there has never been a day in this province when we had no kidnap victim. Unlike the previous years when the targets of kidnappings were only rich businessmen, tourists and journalists, you have

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Sabah is ours. We should claim it

By Mel Sta. Maria

Atty. Mel Sta. Maria is a professor at the Ateneo School of Law. He is the resident legal analyst of News5 on TV5.

Sabah is Philippine territory. We must assert our claim. The ancient 1878 lease contract must end.

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Bud Dahu and Bud Bagsak

A Tale of Twin Towers, Twin Cities And Twin Mountains
(Written on the 103th Year of Bud Dahu Battle)
by calliter

Originally posted at

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Colt .45 caliber Model 1911 – Created For Moros

Among the most repeated stories within Filipino martial arts circles is how the fanatical Muslim warriors of Mindanao affected the development of the Colt .45 caliber Model 1911 semi-automatic pistol.

Robert A. Fulton, in his research paper titled

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Symbol of Islam

By WAR Against Fakebook FITNA

Is there Islam in these symbols shown in the post? Is there any symbol for Islam?

The answer is; there is no symbol for Islam, because there is no basis in Shariah for taking the crescent or star as a symbol of the Muslims. This was not known at the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), or at the time

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Do Muslims Truly Love Each Other?

By WAR Against Fakebook FITNA

It is true that in religious gatherings, social gatherings and other occasions Muslims do express their love and solidarity in a great deal, as said in the following hadith. 

Narrated An-Nu’man bin Bashir: Allah’s Apostle

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Surrendering to External Force in Haramain

By WAR Against Fakebook FITNA

Often some unruly Muslims come across as trouble makers in Haramain (Two sacred houses of Allah) especially in black-stone area, Hijr (Hateem), and in Rawdah in Prophet’s (peace be upon him) mosque. True believers have no option other than sacrificing these highly rewarded Sunnah against these external forces. The believer will always be saddened in theunfortunate event

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Battle of Langkuwasan, A Littlle Footnote

By Dr. Benj Bangahan

When the battles between the Tausugs and the Americans come to mind, perhaps the Bud Dahu’ Massacre, or the Battle of the Clouds, almost always is the first that creates the spark, but there is no stopping the Battle of Langkuwasan from being talked about too, among other battles…and

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How Do I Pick Between Qualified Occupational Therapy Schools?

By Outsider

Some basic information about Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a viable career option for a person entering the work place or for an individual considering a career change. Occupational Therapists earn their living by helping people recover or obtain the skills and abilities to live work and function as independently as possible.

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You Are Free to Celebrate Miraaj

By WAR Against Fakebook FITNA

Those who want to celebrate Miraaj (ascent of our Prophet [peace be upon him] to heaven) they are free to do so, but it is not allowed to dispute using comments column on fb and in real life. Jidaal (dispute) means arguing and debating with no just basis which is not

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